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Monday, July 14, 2008

Radiohead Does It Again

Radiohead debuts a laser-shot video, done completely without cameras:

Radiohead's latest video, for the track "House of Cards" from the In Rainbows album, uses real time 3D recording instead of cameras, utilizing highly technical structured light and Lidar laser-enhanced scanners to model lead singer Thom Yorke and provide an otherworldly narrative accompaniment to the song.

Blip Boutique creative director and Zoo director James Frost took Creativity Magazine through the exceedingly complex, innovative process, which used on-set engineers and technology support instead of a film crew and required massive amounts of rendering and the sculpting of mountains of data in post--not to mention 64 lasers (on the Lidar system alone). Read on past our interview with Frost for behind-the-scenes footage and to visit the video's interactive component, hosted by Google in it's developer area, Radiohead is encouraging fans to use the 3D data of Yorke's head and make their own videos using the point cloud data and Processing.

Click here for the entire article and an interview with James Frost.


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