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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Astral Sandbox of 1970s Homage


More Amazingness

These are vinyl record sleeves with 2-sided insert featuring faux-academic material on pop music and the state of the record industry, seeded with promotional material for indie radio stations created by Nikolay Saveliev. 140 copies were snuck onto used & new record store shelves.

From an interview on Future Shipwreck:

I like the idea of a consolidated aesthetic totality; what you make looks like what you listen to, sounds like what you wear, and speaks like what you believe in. In simpler terms, my girlfriend might look like she's in a band I'd listen to, my haircut looks like it belongs in the chair I'm sitting in, and the work I'm designing might be written about in a book that I would read. Even my cat has to figure in there somehow. It's a meticulous thing to maintain, but probably comes from the fact that I've discovered mostly everything through music, whether it's ideologies, writers, artists, designers, cultures, subcultures, or other music. So it's easy to tie things back into your work, as long as you keep your eyes and ears open, and maintain a healthy dose of critical thought.

This shop dropping initiative was sponsored by Brown Student Radio. Man, would I kill to get my hands on one.

Via the resplendent Kottke, of course.


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