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Monday, March 24, 2008

Why I Love Miranda July

Miss July

This instructional video, How To Make a Button, was made by Miranda July and Saul Levitz. July also directed the award-winning film Me and You and Everyone We Know in addition to several shorter movies. Her website describes her as a "performance artist"--all of which is true--but we know her best from her pieces of fiction and the slim yellow collection of them she put out last year titled No One Belongs Here More Than You, the cover of which was designed by my dear friend John Fulbrook III.

Directed & Edited by Saul Levitz

Written & Performed by Miranda July

Guest Performance by Xochi Ong

Shot by Hisham Abed

Via the always wonderful Dorothy Surrenders


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miranda July is no Annie Hall. Come to think of it, she's no Diane Keaton. Actually, she's not much of an artist. All in all, I'd say she's a waste of time.
But she sure is cute as a button, ain't she?

3/25/2008 05:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miranda July is a great artist. If you watch Me and You and Everyone We Know you'll be able to realize the incredible attention she pays to detail and the simplicity of the script that at the same time says so much about the characters and the way in which they interact with each other.
I believe she's a very promising director even if this little video is not a very complex work of art, I cannot wait to see more of her work.

1/05/2009 02:10:00 AM  

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