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Friday, March 14, 2008

Design Matters Today with Jeffrey Zeldman

mr. zeldman

It is Friday again! That means that Design Matters is live at 3 PM ET. My guest today is Jeffrey Zeldman.

One of the first web designers, Jeffrey Zeldman has had a profound impact on the medium and the profession. In 1995, the former art director and copywriter launched one of the first personal sites and began publishing widely-read tutorials on methods and principles of web design. In 1998 he co-founded The Web Standards Project, a grassroots coalition that persuaded Microsoft and Netscape to support the same technologies in their browsers. That same year he began publishing A List Apart “for people who make websites.” It has become one of the most respected and influential magazines in the field. Jeffrey has written many articles and two books, notably Designing With Web Standards (now in its second edition), and is a favorite of lecture audiences around the world. In 2005, he and Eric Meyer co-founded An Event Apart, a traveling conference on design and code. Zeldman sits on the Advisory Boards of the SXSW Interactive Festival, Rosenfeld Media, and the Dandelife Social Biography Network, among others. A biographical listing in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, plus extensive results in search engines and social ranking networks such as Google (2,360,000 results at last count), Technorati, and, testify to his pervasiveness across the medium.

Design Matters airs live weekly on the Voice America Business Network, now the industry leader in Internet talk radio. The show was voted a "favorite podcast" on PSFK's Marketing Podcast survey and was recently voted 9th out of over 300 entries for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s People’s Choice Award. The show is also available as Podcasts on iTunes, where over 50,000 people download the show every month.

Design Matters is from 3-4PM EST and you can view the VoiceAmerica Business site and listen to the show from a myriad of locations:

You can go here, through the Sterling link:

Or you can go here, through the Voice America link:

Or you can go here, through the Designers Who Blog link:

Lots of choices.

Please note that you will need Windows Media Player or the equivalent program to listen in, but you can download the technology for free here:

Or finally, you can listen to this show, or any of our previous shows, as a Podcast on iTunes, for free. To listen to the Podcasts, you can do either of the following:

Subscribe manually, by going to the iTunes advanced menu, then select "Subscribe to Podcast," then enter the following: as the feed.

Or simply do a search on the iTunes music store Podcast directory for “Design Matters.”

Everyone is welcome to call in live and toll free--the number is 1.866.472.5790.

MANY THANKS TO ADOBE FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF DESIGN MATTERS and to all of our wonderful listeners.


Anonymous Jesi DiPalo said...

Watch out computer geeks! It's no longer lame to be online 24 hours a day anymore... This is a warped electromagnetic society of lonely hearts colliding with the computer monitor. The more time you spend updating and customizing your profile, the more appealing you are. We have dove headfirst into a pool of "friends"- a new kind of dating service that's spreading like some kind of computer virus. This interpersonal growing trend has transformed human communication into a senseless way to get to know people before you actually meet them. The offsprong of the x and y generations brings on a new kind of computerized obsession... whether we like it or not, we are the myspace generation.

3/14/2008 03:41:00 PM  

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