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Friday, January 18, 2008

Today's the day Design Matters with Chip Kidd

chip kidd

Can you believe it? Design Matters is begins its Season Five Today at 3 PM ET with the most fabulous Chip Kidd.

Chip Kidd is a writer and graphic designer in New York City. His book jacket design has spawn a revolution in the art of American book packaging and in 1998 he was made a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationalle. His first book as author and designer, Batman Collected, was given the Design Distinction award from ID magazine, and his second, Batman Animated, garnered two of the Comics Industry’s Eisner Awards, as did his 2002 book Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz. As an editor of books of comics for Pantheon, Chip has worked extensively with some of the most brilliant talents practicing today, including Chris Ware and Art Spiegelman. A comprehensive monograph of Kidd’s work, CHIP KIDD: BOOK ONE was published in 2005. The first edition sold out a week before publication and it has since gone into three consecutive re-printings. Kidd was awarded the 2007 National Design Award for Communications, and In the fall of 2006 his work was included in the Cooper-Hewitt Museum’s third National Design Triennial. The Cheese Monkeys, Chip’s first novel, was published by Scribner in 2001 and was a national bestseller, as well as a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. It has recently been released in a new edition, restoring a previously cut scene and featuring a preview of his second novel, The Learners, to be published in just a few short weeks.

Design Matters airs live weekly on the Voice America Business Network, now the industry leader in Internet talk radio. The show was voted a "favorite podcast" on PSFK's Marketing Podcast survey and was recently voted 9th out of over 300 entries for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s People’s Choice Award. The show is also available as Podcasts on iTunes, where over 50,000 people download the show every month.

Design Matters is from 3-4PM EST and you can view the VoiceAmerica Business site and listen to the show from a myriad of locations:

You can go here, through the Sterling link:

Or you can go here, through the Voice America link:

Or you can go here, through the Designers Who Blog link:

Lots of choices.

Please note that you will need Windows Media Player or the equivalent program to listen in, but you can download the technology for free here:

Or finally, you can listen to this show, or any of our previous shows, as a Podcast on iTunes, for free. To listen to the Podcasts, you can do either of the following:

Subscribe manually, by going to the iTunes advanced menu, then select "Subscribe to Podcast," then enter the following: as the feed.

Or simply do a search on the iTunes music store Podcast directory for “Design Matters.”

Everyone is welcome to call in live and toll free--the number is 1.866.472.5790.

MANY THANKS TO ADOBE FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF DESIGN MATTERS and to all of our wonderful listeners.


Blogger Mary-Laure said...

Thanks for featuring Chip Kidd, I absolutely adore his work!

1/28/2008 03:58:00 AM  

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