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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving in Serbia

publikum book cover
Publikum Project Book

publikum credits
Publikum Project Contributors

publikum book excerpt
Publikum Book Excerpt

The Publikum Project originated fifteen years ago in wartime Serbia and in that time it has become a meaningful example of design working to overcome boundaries in both communication and in cultures. I am now heading off to Serbia to participate in the launch of the 2008 Publikum Project.

The year’s effort has resulted in two extraordinary publications and a documentary film. Guide for Living 2008, the over-sized twenty-four-page coffee-table book visually articulates hopes, dreams, desires, wishes and goals, and provides “advice” for how to measure time over the course of the year. Guide for Living 2008 also includes a wall calendar featuring extraordinary original contributions from twelve of the world’s greatest designers. Guide for Thinking 2008, the companion piece to this ambitious project, contains lively, entertaining and inspiring insight into the lives of the designers contributing to Guide for Living 2008. I worked on curating the project and co-edited the material with Nada Ray. George Mill was the Creative Director, and the principal designer of the 2008 project was the magnificent Sean Adams of Adams Morioka.

The following is footage of the Publikum Project including the work of Paula Scher and Karlsson Wilker.

Paula Scher

Karlsson Wilker


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