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Thursday, June 07, 2007's Celebrity Logo Lookalike Contest


From the website, compiled by Kristine Arth, Mary Kotyuk, Josh Downs, Jonah Ansell, Mike Raspatello, Dan Raspatello, Scott Merz, Pete Keeley and the writers of

"Do you ever watch a sporting event and think, "Who the hell does that mascot look alike?" Yeah, we did the same and took it a couple steps further. Even if you pay attention to the games and not the mascots dancing on the sideline or stitched to a jersey, we have compiled a list of the top celebrity/logo look-alikes for your viewing pleasure."

Number 14: The Chicago Bull and Harrison Ford

The rest of the list can be found here.

But to keep it fair, separated at birth? You decide:
RivalFish logo
RivalFish logo

Flipper logo, from the album Generic Flipper
flipper, one of the greatest bands of all time


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