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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Katharine Umsted: My Best Friend's Art Show

Katharine Umsted
July 27-July 18
Sterling Brands
Empire State Building
by appointment only

Katharine Umsted
written by Cary Leibowitz

Katharine Umsted did not help Madonna with her bustier but she could have-she was too shy and was probably too busy watching Murder She Wrote (besides Madonna didn't want to "push it" enuff.

Katharine Umsted has been making art for 20 years.
Who's afraid of Katharine Umsted?
These scary creepy funny sculptures in the form of head gear are a just another tangent in the artist's body of work.
Katharine Umsted has made sad dolls, big hairdo's (and Don’t's) and glittery cheerleaders.
The Helmets are formal and are sculpture.
Arp and Brancusi are having drinks and run into Nancy Grossman and Niki De Saint Phalle (Richard Serra is at the next table)

Any fashion matriarch will covet them
Any fashionista will encourage them
Any 6 year old girl will make her boy counterparts jealous.
Diana Vreeland and Truman Capote are at serendipity--DO NOT INTERRUPT!


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