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Friday, June 08, 2007

From Daily Heller: Unauthorized Celeb Biography

Daily Heller: Unauthorized Celeb Biography

Today's post from the Print Forum site, Daily Heller, written by Steve Heller:

"One of the most significant pieces of popular cult literature ever written, but sadly forgotten, is "Morris: An Intimate Biography by Mary Daniels." For those who barely remember or were not yet even born in 1974 when the book was published by William Morrow & Co., Morris, a golden tabby cat, was the meow-person (ahem, cat) for 9 Lives (and what a great name for cat food that is). Personally, I don't like cats (I'm a cockatiel bloke myself), but Morris caught my (and millions of others' fantasies) - and he didn't even speak, he just slinked (or slanked). Anyhoo, the book with black and white and color shots of the fab feline was not just a piece of fluff, or hairball if you prefer, but a full fledged, highly literate, and decided page-turning biography. No joke! While cleaning out my office I came across a presentation copy, which given its intrinsic cultural value will stay safe and sound - no ebay for me - until that day when I can hand it down to my (cat) heirs."

Rushing over to Amazon now...


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