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Friday, May 11, 2007

Design Matters Today with Luke Hayman

Joining me today on Design Matters is Luke Hayman.

Luke Hayman was born in Hemel Hempstead, England in 1966. He studied graphic design at Central/St. Martin’s School of Art in London. Luke moved to New York City in 1992 and has been living and working here since. He joined Pentagram’s New York office as partner in December 2006.

Prior to joining Pentagram. Luke was the design director of New York Magazine. Before that he was the creative director of Travel + Leisure magazine and the creative director of Media Central and Brill Media Holdings where he was responsible for a range of publication and conference projects including the redesign of Brill’s Content Magazine. In addition, he was Senior Partner and Associate Creative Director in the Brand Integration Group in the New York office of Ogilivy & Mather. He has also been the Design Director for I.D. Magazine.

Luke’s work in editorial design is widely recognized and has been featured in many design publications and blogs. He has won awards from The Association of Magazine Editors (ASME), the Society of Publication Designers (SPD), American Institute of Graphic Art (AIGA), Folio: Magazine and the Art Director’s Club, Notable, New York magazine was awarded SPD’s highest honor of “Magazine of the Year.” The magazine also won ASME awards for Design and General Excellence, and a Silver Award from the British design association D&AD.

VoiceAmerica is now the industry leader in Internet talk radio, and Design Matters has over 150,000 listeners. We were also voted a "favorite podcast" on IF's Marketing Podcast survey at, and the show is available as Podcasts on iTunes, where over 45,000 people download the show every month.

Design Matters is from 3-4PM EST and you can view the VoiceAmerica Business site and listen to the show from a myriad of locations:

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Lots of choices.

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