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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why Kyle Cooper is the Master

Forget the title sequence to Se7en, this demo reel proves why he is the very best.


Blogger terra studio said...

just met him last night. what a sweetheart!

4/12/2007 08:19:00 AM  
Blogger David said...

I had the pleasure to attend and meet Cooper at his lecture at Chico State, which was one of the best lectures I've attended, which is saying a lot … I'm a lecture whore.

Though I got a behind the scenes explanation of the through process that went behind most of his better known works, what I remember most was his discussion of Paul Rand and what he learned from him while studying under him at Yale.

I remember thinking, how does Rand's work relate or influence anything that Cooper's done? I don't see Rand in Seven, I don't see Rand in Gattaca, or Spider Man or the commercial he did for some golf club manufacturer … But Cooper explained that what he picked up most from Rand was this idea of recontextualizing elements. In his example, he put together a magnificent piece for the Oscars or some such movie award event where he took Rand's idea of recontextualizing and ran with it. In the piece, circles became marquee lights, which transitioned into spot lights, which transitioned into a camera lense, and on and on with oooh's and awe's until the end.

Aside from throwing this valuable idea of recontextualizing into my toolbox, it reinforced the idea that you learn and be inspired from things that, at first glance, have absolutely nothing to do with anything you're looking for. Paul Rand and Kyle Cooper seem to be miles apart aesthetically, Cooper said that Rand disliked the Seven titles possibly throwing it into the Cult of the Ugly, but they're similar in approach.

I've done a terrible job at explaining this, so I hope you smart individuals out there can read between the lines and pluck the heart of the idea out.

4/13/2007 01:25:00 PM  

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