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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Poetry Tuesday: Poem from a Podcast

I came across the blog Pilachi Sketch, written by Akindele Hickling and found a poem taken from the deconstruction of one of my podcast monologues.

This from Akindele's blog:

"Another experiment in narrative styling.

While listening to a podcast by Debbie Millman, a talk radio designer, I started to pick words out of her monologue. Then spaced them out, then made them bold, then went back to the top and added another layer, un-bolded. Then added thoughts on what she was saying, then added direct quotes, then stopped… and read it, to see if it made any sense at all."

I think it is terrific, and here it is:

by Akindele Hickling


It seems I am lost

thought association development

nuance… ambiguity

maybe it is raining, maybe it is not



symbols and actions
interpretive medium


Retrospective tome Mark Rothko


patterns in nothing. Is this… she made a mistake. she paused. “I just lost my way”

lack of conviction and clarity

philosophy of language

everyone understood.

where do you stand in the world

signs used

debbie millman uses really big words to show that she is smart while she talks about her own self involvement

jacque derrida… died last year… one of the tenents of his philosphy. deconstructivism.

who cares if Debbie Millman is in Tokyo.
that depends on what the definition of “is” is


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