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Monday, December 11, 2006

Verse by Verse, Voice by Voice

From Coudal comes this very cool site, Verse by Verse. To participate, call 703-637-9276 and recite your favorite short poem. They might use it on the site and/or send you a present too.

Recited poems include:

Billy Collins' Man Listening to Disc
Wendell Berry's The Peace of Wild Things
William Butler Yeats' Adam's Curse
Ted Hughes' Full Moon and Little Frieda
Stanley Kunitz' The Portrait
William Carlos Williams' This Is Just To Say
Tony Harrison's The Timer
Don Marquis' Archie Confesses
Donald Justice's On The Death of Friends
Seamus Heaney's Personal Helicon
Frank O'Hara's Animals
Gerard Manley Hopkins' Spring and Fall
Connie Bensley's The Shopper
Frank O'Hara's Steps
Thomas Hardy's Neutral Tones
Paul Muldoon's Holy Thursday
Jeffrey McDaniels' The Quiet World
Charles Bukowski's The Strongest of the Strange
Thomas Lynch's A Death
Wallace Stevens' The Snowman


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