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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beck's Back

Beck is back with a brand new album (with the coolest cover ever) and a fab new video to boot. According to my favorite new website Very Short List:

"One of the main reasons to get excited about a new Beck CD (whether you’re into Beck’s music or not) is that great new music videos usually follow. Case in point: the Michel Gondry video for “Cellphone’s Dead,” the first single from Beck’s The Information.

Beck, of course, has functioned over the last decade-plus as a sort of Medici for the video arts, having given free reign to visionary directors such as Spike Jonze, Garth Jennings, Michael Palmieri, and, most notably, Gondry. In “Cellphone’s Dead” (watch it via the link below), Gondry has created a claustrophobic, black-and-white noir urban dreamscape in which everything — the doors, the furniture, the skyline outside, and even Beck himself — briefly morphs into lumbering, seemingly benign robotic creatures.

In a way, it encapsulates everything we liked about Gondry’s latest feature, The Science of Sleep, minus that movie’s excessive, drawn-out self-indulgence. A three-and-a-half minute romp, now and then, in Gondryland — a bizarro realm of childlike wonder combined with acid-trip intensity — is just what we need to refresh our faith in the music video as an art form."

Rock on.


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