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Monday, July 24, 2006

Fiction: Nasty Monkey

So like Eric and Charlie are hanging out on St. Marks, trying to sell some books. Their business isn’t going so well right now, a lot of the niggers are getting into their merchandise. They knew the bucks wouldn't last. Too easy. They’d go into Barnes and Noble and when no one was looking they’d stuff a few of those big overfucking priced coffee table rags under their jackets and then, scoot scoot scoot, out the door. Half hour later they’d have $30 bucks, just enough money for a bag. Then they were happy again.

You’re probably thinking what’s two good-looking brothers like Eric and Charlie doing in a place like this, playing the smack thing. Well, they just enjoy it, see? They are not hooked or anything, they can stop anytime they want...anytime. But it’s fun, more fun than just about anything else they can think of. And that’s what life is about, man. Fun fun fun.

They went to Cornell, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. That’s where they met the bitch. Her name is Genevieve. They refer to her as their married babe. She’s hitched to some big time magazine editor who won’t give her the nasty. She comes around sniffing for Eric's dick, but he’s not giving her any.

He says he’s got morals.

She’s a nine to fiver. Executrix-type woman. Doesn’t know how desperate she is. And let me tell you, there's nothing like a desperate chick for a good blowjob. They'll do just about anything for a fuck, even give you their ass if you want it. But my man Eric stands by his convictions, and keeps saying no. That don't keep her away, it just makes her ploys for him ever so slightly more complex. Like they don’t see what she’s doing. This shit might make them stupid, but it don't make them blind.

The brothers gave me the 411 the first time they brought her here. She was all flustered cause she was into some new nigger, a bastard who worked in her office. Some parlez-vous francais guy named Timothy. She was feeling all courageous about leaving her old man now that she got some new dick to swallow, but there was one hitch, man. The dude had a live-in lady friend. So she asked Charlie and Eric to figure out some way to help her get the bitch out of the picture.

She wanted to party with the boys that night, and decided it was about time they introduced her to the pipe. Eric’s all for it, man, but Charlie’s a little skeptical. What's a nice bitch like her doing with a nasty monkey like that? But there's no persuading her otherwise. The lady’s got a will of steel. She ups the ante by asking Eric how much money they will need. He tells her they could do pretty nicely on $120—that’s a bag for each of them. But then, since they don't want to crash land, they’ll need a buffer to ease the blues. She looks at the boys and gives them one of those "you pathetic, poor little pieces of shit" looks and says, real condescending like, “Well, I can get $500 out of my cash machine. Think that will be enough?” By this time the niggers are coming in their pants; the only thing sexier than an executrix with tits is an executrix with some cash. So they head over to the bank on 14th and First and Gen goes in all exaggerated and prim and withdraws the booty. Then they come over here and score the blow; then they go back to Charlie’s place. At this point, Eric is like practically running.

Just when they get settled into Charlie's pad, Gen informs the brothers that she now wants to go to Club USA, cause Timothy is going to be there with his old lady. She wants to check out her competition, see what this bitch looks like, start planning and shit. Charlie starts getting nervous, cause the only thing scarier than an executrix with tits and executrix with some cash is an executrix on the warpath. But Eric thinks its funny, so Charlie figures what the hell, he’ll go along for the ride.

They introduce Gen to the pipe, and then stoned out of their minds, they take a cab to USA. Gen is flying. When they get inside the club she’s on the prowl. She's trying to look all casual-like, but with her eyes shining from the junk and the strobe lights and her constant scanning of the crowd for her Frenchie boy, she looks pretty freaking obvious. She grabs Eric’s hand, and pulls him onto the dance floor. “Dance with me,” she pleads, “He needs to see me first.” So they dance. Charlie admitted she looked kind of foxy, with her tits all perky and shit, he even considered banging her for a minute. And he doesn’t sleep with just anyone. But she was on a mission. When Eric got tired, she grabbed Charlie and when Charlie got tired, she dragged Eric back again. They kept taking turns going into the john to blow some more pipe, and then they kept dancing. By 2:00, it started to look like this guy wasn't going to show, but Gen wasn’t giving up. The pipe had caught her and she was going to dance until the supply was drained. By 3:30 the club had thinned out, and she figured that the brother wasn’t showing. Then Eric convinced her to go back to Charlie’s pad, so they could finish what they started.

When they got there, Charlie started bugging out. He gets that way sometimes. He has these big windows overlooking 14th street, and all of a sudden he had this feeling that somebody was going to see what was going on inside. He started saying shit like, “Fuck, somebody's going to see, somebody’s going see.” Man, he was wigging. Eric started worrying that Gen was going to freak out too, being all bitter that she got stood up, but she was cool. She started to comfort Charlie, saying she promised that no one could see them, and then she got Eric to help her drag the sheets off the bed to cover up the windows. That touched Charlie, that really did, and suddenly he started calming down.

The three of them did some more blow and they talked. Gen got all mushy on Charlie, all philosophical like and she told him that she got him, man, that like the two of them were like the same person, that they were both these really sad people that didn't know how to deal with life. For a second Charlie believed her, and suddenly he thought she was this beautiful person. He leaned over and kissed her and he thought she tasted sweet. He thought she was, like, alright.

Eric started to come down after that so he started fixing some H and he’s showing Gen how to sniff it and Charlie’s coming down hard and needed to shoot and he ties up his arm and fishes for a vein and Gen is watching him. Her eyes are bugging and for a second Eric thinks she’s going to throw up.

Charlie finally gets his vein. He sticks the needle all the way in and pushes. He shoots the drug high and quick and his eyes roll back in his head. He needed it so bad, he didn’t even bother to take the needle out. He just left it dangling in and waited for his brain to clear.

Gen came up to him then and put her head in his lap and he could feel her tears through his pants, and even with all the drugs he managed to get a hard on. She closed her eyes. She knew he was hard and she sighed.


Anonymous Rob said...

Interesting story. Like the concept. Urban novel?

7/25/2006 12:15:00 PM  
Blogger Allan L. said...


7/29/2006 04:41:00 PM  

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