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Monday, July 10, 2006

Buy This Song: Richard Walter

richard walters fan site
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It is a rare and exceptionally wonderful thing to stumble across a musician that truly rocks your world. Such was the case, for me, when I discovered RIchard Walters. Trolling through the internet two weeks ago, I came across a link that took me to a link, and voila, there he was.

He is a tenderling--only 23 years old--but he is earnest and engaging and poignant and heartbreaking. His EP, which I ordered from the UK, came a few days ago, and it is all I can listen to. There are five songs on the CD, four are magnificent and brilliant; the first tune (which is a cover) is just marginal, but it really doesn't count, as he didn't write it.

My two favorites are "Crawl Up To My Room" and "All At Sea," which are all I can listen to right now--at the moment my other music feels shabby in comparison.

Try and find it and hope it arrives soon, as sadly, Walters is not available on iTunes.

For a sample of "All At Sea," click on the link above.

Don't you just *love* obsessing to music?


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